Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why adopt from another country?

This is probably the most asked question, so I will tackle it first. First of all, we did not really plan on adopting. Our children are almost grown and we had a totally different plan. We were going to sell the house and travel and just see where we landed after the kids moved out of the house. I learned of a christian ministry for orphans with down syndrome from a friend and went and checked out their website ( and my life instantly changed. I read about the life that these babies have (or lack of) and how they are sent to mental institutions when they turn four, where most of them die, and it not only broke my heart, but it called me into action. I didn't sleep well for several days and I was obsessed with thinking about all of these babies that are just laying over there dying. I gently approached Sean about it and at first, he thought I had lost my mind. But after looking and reading, he was all for it. I came across Anton's picture and thought he looked a lot like Sean, so he was the first baby that we inquired about. The response was "We are so happy that you asked about him; No one has ever asked or inquired about him at all." Well, that sealed the deal and we committed to adopt him soon after that. Next, we kept looking at the pictures and reading about the other babies and even though we felt good about Anton, we still felt like we could take on at least one more....Enter David. We soon asked about him and found out that he and Anton spend most of their time together and we then committed to him, too.

Well, that is a little bit of how it came to be....


  1. WOW !! I'm so glad it's starting to take shape 4 U!! and now 2 !! Stephanie you and Sean will be so great for this, look at what a great job you all have done w/ Danielle and Cody. I'm very moved by your loving heart...hope all goes well..can't wait 2 meet Anton and David..they r such lucky little guys..much love Brandy

  2. I am so excited for you, and your two new babes to be...looking forward to reading along!

  3. Stephanie,

    You are my favorite person! :) JK, but really. Although you try to hide it, your big heart is always shining. It takes a special person to be brave and confident enough to adopt overseas AND kids with special needs. You have taught me...more than you be strong, open-minded, and caring towards others.Thanks for your inspiration, Aunt Steve! We ARE in this world together and we have to help each other make it (like little misfortunate David & Anton). As you know... This is going to be very challenging, especially when you first get them. With prayer, everything will be A-okay. You and Sean will be a better mommy and daddy that those little boys could ever imagine. You guys are really making the ultimate difference in their lives and I can tell you both love them already! I am so excited for David and Anton to be part of the family. When you figure out the date that they can FINALLY be yours, you need to create a countdown. Countdowns are awesome. I use like 3 for Ians homecoming. Sad story I know lol.

    Love your niece,


  5. Awesome! So excited for you you and your family. This will be more fulfilling than selling your house and travelling, and you will never regret your decision.