Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Look who went to a party today....

there was a party today at David's and Anton's orphanage in David's groupa and Mary Malone was kind enough to send me some pictures...Isn't he so cute? Mary has seen Anton a couple of times and says that we looks good, but she is unable to get pictures because he is in a different groupa. Mary is adopting the cutest little girl I have ever seen (Eliana/Ruslana) and she has been fabulous in sharing information and pictures with me. I cannot express how much I appreciate it.

On the dossier homefront, I have everything except the new proof of property form and the social worker's new license. Her current license expires May 31, and we need the new one. Olga (our facilitator in Ukraine) is looking over everything and making sure it is ok before I mail it to her. I hope she looks at it very well because it is so expensive to remail things. I would hate to do that twice.

So, for now I will wait patiently and try to get everything in the house ready for two little maniacs!

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