Sunday, November 20, 2011

At a standstill.....

On the adoption homefront, no news at this time! We are hoping that travel dates are going to start being issued at the first of December, but who knows? It would be so awesome to be able to travel at the end of December. My sister would be off of work and I am off from December 20-30th already so that would work out great for me personally, but I know it is not all about me....but a girl can hope, right?

About Andrey's is going to be Cooper! Yay! I love the name Camden, too, so maybe my next baby will be Camden (heheheh-don't tell Sean). He looks like a Cooper (aka "COOP") and I think it will really fit him.

Today's is my Cody's birthday....17 years old. I am working today at the same hospital that I gave birth to him. He is such a great kid with a HUGE heart and I love him so much. I am so proud to be his mother! He is working with the special needs kids in high school and loving every minute of it. He plays and loves on Caden and Cole like you would not believe, even torturing them like a big brother is suppose to! He had to work today, too :((( HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CODY!!!

I promise to update when we hear some news....


  1. Cooper, I like it :) Praying he spends his birthday in your arms!

  2. That is a great name for him!!! Love!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Cody.....

    I love the name Cooper!!! It is hard to imagine him as anything but Andrey, but I will have to start calling him Cooper... We talk about him a lot in our home :) Of course we love looking as his pictures everyday!!

  4. Cooper.... that one is gonna have to grow on me for awhile, but I like it!! :)

    Happy Birthday Cody!!!