Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Pics of Andrey!!!

There is a precious girl in Ukr**ne right now...she went to Andrey's orphanage today and got to spend a lot of time with him and others. She is also going to the preschool orphange (?) and the older kids orphanage. What a blessing. My heart is so full today that I cannot explain what knowing that people are there (and have been there) loving on him and playing with him. The boy looks like a handful....his favorite activity was pulling hair and taking off his hat. Thank God I have very short hair. He sounds like Cole when we first got there...he constantly grabbed me, pulled at my glasses, hit/fought at me....it was very short lived, but very tiring. On the adoption homefront, just waiting on USCIS and we are finished!!!


  1. Oh yeah, I forgot to add grabbing glasses to that list lol, I just take mine off when I get him. I spent about 3/4 of the time with him today, and 1/4 with Logan. He has such weak trunk muscles! I was hoping to magically get him walking, or cruising, or something, but that didn't quite work out :( I wish he were able to walk, so he would be allowed to do more.. I'll keep working with him :)

  2. I just love all the pictures she is getting!! You and I we need to talk some more my sweet friend :)


  3. I just love these pictures..... !!!! I have been meaning to reach out to you for awhile, but just hadn't found the words.

    I LOVE this little guy...... TRULY, SINCERELY LOVE him. The last 2 years his cute little face has hung on my Christmas tree, and this year when I pull that ornament out again I will smile instead of ache inside because if he is not already home with you...he will be soon! When I first learned of Andrey's birthdate 12/28/06 it wasn't until I already had his ornament in my hand... I went back to the RR website the day I got it to see if there was any more info on him and I started to weep when I read his little bio. He and my son were born the exact same day and year.... Though thousands of miles away from each other his bio mom and I both heard the same words that day, "Your son has Down syndrome". And I wept because Andrey did not deserve to be sent away...he should have been tucked safe in his mom's arms. ....but he will now. Thank you that his MOM will indeed tuck him in safe, re-write his story, and give him all the love and snuggles he deserves to be lavished on. He. is. absolutely. precious!!!! I am so glad he is coming home to you and your husband.... and I love that he will have 2 other brothers with Down syndrome to cause all kinds of good trouble with!! Thank you for taking this step of faith!

    That year we got Andrey's ornament both Andrey and my Reid were turning 3. I emailed Andrea from RR to see if there was any way to get a present to him at his orphanage and of course the answer was no, anything sent would go to the orphanage as a whole. BUT THIS YEAR IS DIFFERENT...because hopefully he will be home with you, so wanted to know if you would allow me the privilege to send Andrey a birthday present this year?? :) ....to sweet, sweet Andrey who is my Reid's birthday twin....not to mention these boys actually do look like they could be twinsies!!

    Our family truly would find it to be an honor to send him a birthday gift! :) Thank you for all your posts, and for all the new pictures you share..... they do my heart more good than you'll ever know! :)