Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What's in a Name?

So, I have been thinking about our new babe's name....I don't really even know his real name. I think it is Andrey, but that might not be it at all and even if it is, the caregivers never call him anything, so does he even know this name? Anyway, all three of my boys names starts with "C"-Cody, Cole, and Caden. My daughter is Danielle. So, the kids want to change it up a bit and give him a "D" name so that Danielle is not a loner! So, I am asking the readers (if there are any) what do you all think? Here are our choices: 1) Keep Andrey....2) Dreyson (still has the drey in it).....3) Dallas (don't ask)......4) Cullen......5) Camden........6)Corbin...

That is what we have come up with. I seriously have no idea which one I like best or even if I like any of them.

On the homefront...I am waiting on our Doctor's license and the state clearance forms, the homestudy final draft, and the golden ticket and we are finished with the dossier. I have been emailing/talking on the phone/preparing for all of these documents and I finally got them all and took my notary and off we went today. I am going to send them for approval tonight.

More later............


  1. I think he looks like a Corbin.

  2. This is fun!!! Except that I can't decide...
    His real name is Andrey though although you're right, they really don't call him by his name so I don't think it'll make much difference to him one way or another. If you do decide to change his name... Hmm... I like all the names you mentioned although I do prefer the "C" names to Dreyson and Dallas (btw, Andrey is pronounced "Andree", not "Andre" so the "drey" sound in Dreyson is not the same).
    Just to make your job even harder, I thought I'd add a few more names to the list :) I love the name Dane (although it is really close to Danielle). It means "God is my judge" as opposed to all the other people who have been judging him all his life...
    You already have my two favorite "C" names (Cole and Caden) but I also like Caleb - how great to be named after a mighty and faithful warrior...

    Good luck! :)

  3. You don't know me, but I have been following your blog since you were bringing Caden and Cole home. Your "adventure" on the plane ride home had me rolling in the floor laughing even though I know it wasn't funny at the time. I was sad when you stopped updating for a while, but I kept checking back from time to time, and I was thrilled when I checked in to see you were bringing home Andrey! I have prayed for that sweet boy for a while. I like all the names, but my favorite is Camden. I also like Caleb too.

  4. Hi :) I'm like Renee..I haven't checked in for awhile & while I was going though the families to see who to post as our featured family on the RR blog (the as one thingy we did for your last adoption) I saw you guys were going back for Andrey! Yayyy!!! I'm so excited for you and for Andrey :) I love Caleb and Corbin for C names and Daniel & Darius for D names :) In the end, I know he'll have the perfect name for him!

  5. You may have already named this sweet boy, so if so ignore my 2 cents ;). But.....if you do go with a D name...Dreyson is kinda cool and I like that it has the Drey in it (but you are right Andrey may not have even been his name). However, I also like the fact that all the boys would have C names. The boys may like that too as they get older... I almost picture the 3 younger ones being this force to be reckoned with at their high school.... full of personality and charm and would be kinda fun that the 3 would also be known for being the C brothers.... okay so maybe they wouldn't and I'm just romantacising it in my head but thought I'd throw those thoughts out there, lol. ;) My favorite of your C names is Cullen (means handsome...which he is!) .... But no matter what you name him our family is going to love him and can't wait to watch him blossom in your care!