Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Random Stuff!

Good morning, everyone!

My new Mommy is hilarious!

This is my "concentration" face

I have a really cool ride!

Even put my workout clothes on for this!

My mom says that she had a "carb fest"....she says that you are not suppose to eat potatoes, pasta, and bread at the same time....but she didn't care!

Yep, we are still here. Hopefully we will find out something about the passport today. I still don't know what happened. Somehow there was an "error". I think it may have been how our passport application was submitted. Our facilitator was sick on court day and she sent someone else who wasn't as familiar with the system as she was and that person insisted on completing the passport application and apparently, it had an error on it. So, now we wait! If we get the passport tonight, then we will do our 2nd appointment at the Embassy tomorrow, along with Cooper's medical appointment and then we are out of here on Friday!!!

Cooper is smart, smart, smart! He has surprised me beyond belief. He is totally time/potty trained. He hasn't peed/pooped in his diaper in 3 days. He uses the bathroom every time you sit him on the potty. He is eating well, drinking well, sleeping well and overall just a happy baby/little boy. He is playing with the toys so much better instead of just throwing them. He can sign "more" when we are eating, says "Momma" (which he thinks means eat) and "hi" when we are skyping someone. He scoots to you constantly and holds his arms up to be held. One thing he does that is not so cute is smack you and if you correct him and tell him "no/nyet", he will not stop at least touching you with one finger so that he gets the last word in. While I secretly think it is funny, I can't let him know that. So, we did have our first come to Jesus meeting last night and he was less than thrilled. I will update you all when I have passport in hand! Please continue to pray that the rest of this journey will go smoothly!

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  1. The pictures are so cute!! He is just precious!! Good luck with the passport!