Sunday, February 26, 2012

Scabies Saturday!

Scabies treatment in UA if you ever need it (hope you don't)

Yesterday when I woke up I was more than a little itchy. I have thought that Cooper may have scabies, but he is so small that I didn't want to give him anything for it until I had him checked out, but yesterday he had bloody claw marks all over him from scratching all night. Scabies usually takes 2-4 weeks to show up, so I guess my time was up:( So, I called our facilitator, Yulia, and asked if they had meds here readily available for this. She told me to go to the pharmacy (anteka) and she would ask. So, I went out, found an anteka...gave the lady behind the counter the phone....she gave me the meds. It is an aeresol spray and very greasy. I put the name in google translate....then read the entire package insert....and then treated myself, my mother, and Cooper. I then proceeded to wash everything in the apartment. We washed the sheets, blanket, all of his clothes, our jackets, all of our clothes and all the towels/wash clothes. It came out to be eight loads on Saturday and two today (had to rewash the sheets from last night while the meds were on us). Good fun times!

Coop is doing great. His stomach still swells after eating. He then proceeds to burp and poot for about an hour or so, then his belly slowly starts going back down. He is now much more alert and tracks you everywhere you go. If you get his food, or any food for that matter, he scoots to you, pulls himself up and holds his arms in the air for you to pick him up. That is quite impressive for someone that did NOTHING a week ago. He is much smarter than everyone, myself included, gave him credit for.

Look at this could you not love it?

Loves to joke and laugh

For all you coffee lovers out there, this is by far the best instant coffee in the is expensive...$11/jar (makes about 15 cups-cheaper than buying at a cafe)....but much worth it!


  1. UGH! I don't envy you but I know how you feel. Elijah had scabies while we were in Russia and the Dr. there had us get that spray too. It didn't work for us so we had to follow up with a precription cream at home. BUT Elijah had scabies for quite a while. I had noticed it on my first trip to see him 5 months earlier. So I am praying that it works for you. It's no fun! Cooper is darling and I'm so happy that he finally has a family of his own!:)

  2. Poor little guy... I am glad to hear that he is otherwise doing well. I have always said that Andrey/Cooper is so smart that he knows who actually cares about him and his accomplishments and he reserves his efoorts for them and them alone. The more he gets to know and trust you, the more he will show off his skills :) I've said it before and I'll say it again, that boy is going to prove EVERYONE wrong!