Saturday, April 3, 2010


Believe it or not, we finally received some of our documents with the apostille on them! We sent them to Nashville last week, but we did not have the county clerk's approval on them, so they sent them back. We had the county clerk sign off on them, sent them back to Nashville, and they finally arrived!!!! It only took 4 days to get them back after they were sent. That is pretty good turn around time.

I am not waiting on an address and specific instructions on what to do with all of these papers. I think (and could very well be wrong) that I have all of my papers needed to complete my dossier, except for the Golden ticket. I will send another nicely worded email on Monday to see when I should expect that .

Anyway, things are starting to move a little faster and it is exciting, but scary. I am unsure about traveling, whether we will do one long trip or two trips. I am nervous about how this will work into my school schedule and what I am going to do about that. We shall see!

Happy Easter to everyone and I hope everyone finds the prize egg!~!!!

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