Monday, April 5, 2010

Dates for us all to remember

I have been saying for at least a couple of months that I need to write down some of the important dates related to the adoption so I can remember them later. Well, as you can tell, it has not been done. So, here goes nothing....

November 24, 2009-official committment to Anton
November 25, 2009-contacted first homestudy agency
December 12, 2009-first homestudy agency canceled home visit
January 4, 2010-first homestudy agency canceled home visit (Yes, again)
January 24, 2010-obtained new homestudy agency
Feb. 5, 2010-mailed application to USCIS, first meeting with new homestudy agency in office
Feb. 8, 2010-official committment to David
Feb. 11-homestudy visit completed
Feb. 25, 2010-fingerprint appointment in Nashville
March 22, 2010-mailed completed homestudy to Nashville
March 23, 2010-mailed first set of documents to Nashville for apostilles

Now, that doesn't seem like a lot of work, but if you have not been through it, it is unbelievable!! I have been actively working (almost daily) on "paperwork" since the end of November and I am still not finished. Anyway, wanted to put those dates down before they were lost forever.

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