Thursday, April 8, 2010

First Letter to Ukra*ne

Well, we sent our first letter today to the Ukraine. It cost a whopping....wait for it...$137.00 to send ONE piece of paper to the Ukraine. We used fed-ex, but we will definitely shop around for the next documents to go. I thought the lady behind the counter was joking or giving me the price in Ukrainian money (whatever the heck that is), but yes, it really was $137. That costs more than the crib! Speaking of cribs, we do have one of the cribs set up and the bedding and stuff came in the mail today. It is so cute. It is jungle themed and has lots of monkeys! I think the boys will really like that.

Anyhooo...will try to post pictures of the room later.


  1. Hi! I found your blog on RR and have been SO excited to see that you guys are adopting David! One of my friends has been his prayer warrior (the prayer warrior project on RR) so we've been praying for you little guy for a while. When we saw that a family had committed to adopting him, I was literally jumping up and down for joy. Praise God!

  2. Thank you so much. That means a lot to us. We will try to keep up with the blog to keep everyone informed, but we are not very good at it. Again, thanks for the support and the prayers. Keep them comin'!!!!

  3. Hey! I'm the friend Audrey (Above) mentioned. I am SO happy you are adopting my Davey-boy! I have been praying for him for a few months now and am so happy for him! When do you guys think you will be able to bring him home? Would it be ok with you guys if I share a link to your blog and the good news about Davey on my blog? ( I'm praying you will have a quick process bringing your sweet boys home!

    Anna (David's prayer warrior in Canada)

  4. Absolutely, go ahead and post away. We are hoping to be able to travel in June or July, but really have no definite plan as of yet. Still waiting on USCIS approval and then we can submit our dossier. Thanks for all of your support and prayers; they are very much appreciated!!!

  5. Hi Stephanie! :)

    We are a RR family - adopting Sasha from (2). I am trying to find out where (10) is located. Will you e-mail me at and let me know? Blessings to you -- ALL of your children are so cute!!!

    Tina Thomas