Friday, June 4, 2010

I can see the finish line....

O.K., after months and months of paper chasing, painting, sleep deprivation, etc., I think I am officially done with the dossier. I am a very organized, task oriented person, so I never dreamed of how much work (both mentally and physically) compiling the dossier would be. I sent the last set of documents to Nashville on Wednesday and I am hoping to get them back by Monday or Tuesday to send to EE to submit for a travel date. Can you believe it?

Now, I just need to finish finding the rest of the money. I think we have enough money to do our first trip (I would love to stay over there, but need to work in between trips for the extra money). We have almost all that we need. I have read that a lot of families do it much cheaper than the projected amount from RR and I am so hoping and praying that is true. I don't have anything else left to sell. Danielle's car tearing up and costing us $3500 really put a dent on our travel money. I am hoping that the plane tickets are closer to $1200 instead of the $2000 that I have been hearing about. Anyway, I will find the money somehow. I am already working every hour that I can, but school starts back next week for me and that will cut down on the amount of hours that I am able to get in. I haven't seen poor Sean in several days because he has been working from daylight to dark to try to earn the money. Please pray for us that something will come up and we will have the money when the time comes.


  1. Hiya Stephanie :) I just wanted you to know you guys are in my prayers. I got your comment & want you to know I know that feeling of hoplessness when it comes to wondering where the money is going to come from..I have a few families I'm praying about tonight..yours included. Did you know you were one of our families not to long ago? But like I said in my being given just wasn't really happening :( Lords willing hearts will be more opened now & wallets too :D Take care, alysha

  2. Hi again Stephanie, I just wanted to let you know that your families needs have been on my heart. I'll be posting another family this week for our "As One" family, but your family will be listed next week. If you have any family or friends that you'd like to give the web site out to..maybe as a source of encouragment for them to give? Please go for it :). I only wish there was more $ to go around! Praying for you all & hoping your feeling God's peace today :) Hugs, Alysha

  3. Thank you, Alysha! I really appreciate it. I am trying to secure a loan through the credit union, but I don't think that will pan out. Praying, though!!!