Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen......dossier has landed in (well, you know where)

I sent my dossier to Victoria (director of adoption agency) for her to inspect first hand and I thought she would then send it back to me for me to mail to that certain little country to start the process of getting an appointment with the SDA. Well, I shot off an email asking how the process was coming along and she sent me an email back with a tracking number from FedEx. OMGosh!!! My dossier has been mailed. I know that doesn't sound like a great big deal, but you have to understand that I have been working on documents, getting my house inspected, getting my body inspected (including testing for HIV, TB, you name it) and focusing on this dossier for 8 months.

So, hopefully the dossier will be submitted the last week in June and we will get a travel date for early August. I should be completely finished with school by then. It is funny how I think of school now. I have been literally waiting for years to complete my master's degree and become a Family Nurse Practitioner. I have been dreaming of the day that this happens. While it is still important, and I am proud of myself for completing this, it pales in comparison to actually getting the boys. It used to consume me of finishing as many classes as possible so that I could be closer to my goal; now my goal is to finish so I can get them home. It is such a funny journey.

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