Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Final Countdown!

Well, it is 9 pm on Tuesday night here in UA. We have court in 12 hours. This is the final countdown. Sean and I went out for dinner and just got home. While waiting for our food, I said, "What if the judge said no and we couldn't get the boys?" Sean looked like he had seen a ghost...he said "Can they do that? Have they done that?" I said, "This is UA; they can do anything they want and I don't know if they have done that before or not." Then, I got to thinking about it....what if they wouldn't let us come home with the boys? My heart broke and I said a quick prayer to plead with God to let things go well at court and let it be quick and easy. Still very scared of the court process.

Since the list was a hit, here are some quick tidbits about the boys....


sucks like he has something in his mouth all the time, but refuses to suck a pacifier or bottle or sippy cup.

says "Momma" and tries to get to me anyway he can (crawl, scoot, fall toward me).

LOVES to eat yogurt (strawberry favorite so far).

can pee on the potty.

can take 8 steps sideways holding on to the monkey bars/metal thingy in the playground.

can do 12 crunches/sit ups.

can go from a lying down position to a sitting up position on first try (couldn't do this at all when we got here).

He can hum/sing a song with you.

He is very, very, very ticklish and laughs with his whole body.

He likes to dance.

He can army crawl (but we are not suppose to put him on the ground, but I might have accidently let him and happen to video it at the same time-promise to download video and pics as soon as we get home).

Now, for the big boy...Cole likes...

everything..anything...he doesn't care what you do as long as you are doing it with him.

He runs to us when we go pick him up from his groupa and clearly hugs and KISSES (sometimes with a little tongue action) us when he sees us.

LOVES to swing. They are taken outside almost everyday, and play NEXT to the swing, but we have never seen a child actually in the swing.

loves to eat, so far anything that I have brought from bananas to pudding to yogurt to cookies, crackers...he doesn't care.

Can feed himself with a spoon and holds his own drink, etc.

Will give you five and a thumbs up on request.

Doesn't cry when he gets hurt:::(((

Can say "Poppa" and looks for Sean constantly.

Loves for Sean to throw him up in the air.

Loves for me to hold him very tightly and squeeze on him. Will sit on my lap forever and just let me hold him (as long as I do it firmly).

Has the biggest "outie" belly button in the world.

Is very ticklish.

Is so capable of learning if just given the chance.

Leaving the orphange was much harder to do today than I thought it would be. There have been several incidents that I haven't blogged about that have happened there. Everyday the boys have a new cut, scrape, black eye, something and I don't know how that it is happening. I hope it is just from them being kids and falling down, etc. One incident was when I picked up Cole and he was on the potty, but did not use it. It was horrible. I will blog about it later...after we get them home.

I just pray that God takes care of them and that they will be safe until I come back for them. I will go home this Friday and stay home for about 2 weeks and I am coming back by myself to pick them up. That is kind of scary, but hopefully it will be a very quick trip. Please pray for us as we prepare for the most serious part of our journey-court and picking up!



  1. I am so excited for u all !!! Can't wait to hear about court.

  2. Praying for court to be a success!

  3. I'll be praying!!! Hope all goes well :)