Sunday, September 5, 2010

Not sure what day it is anymore....

I just want to say to people that are coming over here....bring books, movies, something to do. You can only walk around the city so many times.

Here are some fun Ukraine facts:

For all of you Joe Dirt fans, do not dismay...the mullet and rat tail are alive and well.

Underwear IS an option.

Actually, full clothing IS an option.

Don't worry about is overrated!

You CAN drink a beer at 8am while you are walking to work.

Michael Jackson's legacy will carry on for many years, especially his pants.

You can eat pizza, pizza, pizza if you want.

They do NOT sell Skoal (or any type of chewing tobacco) in UA.

If it drops below 80 degrees, you better get your winter coat out.

Borscht (sp) doesn't look good at all, but very, very tasty.

Cokes and drinks are served warm or room temperature.

There is no such thing as free refills.

ANTEKA (with green writing)are pharmacies.

Cars have the right of way no matter what-whether you are on a crosswalk, sidewalk, doesn't matter...

They make high heel shoes for little girls (sexy high heel shoes).

Don't be upset if your husband's purse is bigger than yours.

There is no age limit for sheer clothing.

You can only drink 1/2 cup of coffee at a time, apparently.

Watch the Groundhog Dog before you come.



  1. Love the list!! We are laughing in our village...

  2. LOL...I TOTALLY agree. My heart still starts beating faster thinking about the "cars right of way" but watching those few brave souls playing "frogger".

  3. You are spot on!

    But, boy do we miss it!! I just love it there for some reason. I think I'm in the minority ;)

  4. Will say a prayer for you all on Wednesday. I saw you had said you leave on Friday. So I am guessing you will have to go back for the boys?

  5. Your list brings back fond memories!

    Jodi -- we miss it too! It was 2 years ago when we first arrived. We were 7 weeks in country (3 children in 2 different orphanages). We couldn't wait to get back to the USA, but I wouldn't trade the UA experience for anything!