Friday, September 3, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen....We have a court date!!!

Thanks Goodness that we have had a productive day (and it is only 730am at home). We got up, went to see the boys, went to the court house and we finally got a court date!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We go to court on Wednesday, September 8th at 9am and then we can immediately go back to Kiev that day, sign some papers at the US Embassy for Sean to give me power of attorney to complete the adoption by myself and then we can go home on Friday. Praise God! I was so nervous waiting in the car for my translator to come out of the court house, then she got in the car, looking all sad, and said that the judge wanted to take 3 weeks to look at our dossier and paperwork. I was speechless! All I could think of was "at least I am going home now", but then she said she was kidding and told me the real court date! I could have killed her.

I feel so much better knowing we have a planned day that we are leaving and getting out of here. I have to say, though, that this trip could have been so much worse. The weather is fabulous, the apartment is nice, and we haven't had any "real" problems. Yeah, the food is not all that great, but all in all, it has been a nice trip (just a little long for my taste). Having said that, I dread that dang train ride back to Kiev. Definitely going for 1st class and definitely taking all the medicine I can fit in my stomach!

Thanks for the prayers and well wishes and thanks for leaving comments. That really helps when you are stranded on the other side of the world!



  1. I would definitely have killed her. Glad you finally have your court date. Ours is the next day (we are NOt going home at this point). We may meet up in Kiev again at the end of this crazy journey! Wouldn't that be fun??

  2. Stephanie, I have been following your blog which I found via RR. We hope to adopt from RR this year:) I'm so happy that you will be on your way home SOON with your babies in your arms.
    We live about an hour away from Knoxville. Maybe someday we will meet:)
    God Bless the rest of your journey!

  3. Send me some PICTURES, woman!!