Friday, October 1, 2010

Codys view

First off, I met the first driver. They drive reallllllllllly good but really fast lol. Somehow no one ever wrecks. The first train ride was good and we slept for a whole 17 hours. Sevestapol was fun but I like Kiev more! I sat in the car for 3 days playing tetris in sevestapol which made me a master at it lol. Then I met Anton and David!! Anton loves me and he's very very playful and eats soooooooo much. Well after we got them we went on the train again and then it was awful because we had two babies. When we fell asleep Anton woke up and ate a banana peel trying to get to the banana. It was gross. We didn't get to throw a party at the baby house because we were in such a hurry. My mom had 5 minutes to dress and wash them. After we left the orphanage my mom puked two times in the car. It was funny because yesterday she said, "If I do puke, what would I puke up"? Then when she puked she puked nothing lol! Then when we arrived at Kiev we went to a doctor. This is where Anton decided he loves me :). We played in the room while David (caden) fell asleep. Anton laughs at everything and then when he fell he cried and he hugged and kissed me and then fell asleep. I was like awwwww. The Lewis's daughters there adopting and the mom took care of Caden they're really good with kids and put him to sleep for me. Btw my mom was at the U.S embacy with The dad of the girls so We were alone. Anton pooped and luckily Olga was there to change him :). Olga is really awesome. David (caden) is more of a blob. He just watchs everyone and waits for yogurt lol. My mom is so funny. She can't get any sleep or rest because one of thems always awake. Last night me and Anton took a nap and there was a bed bugs in it so we got bites which is gross. So we all share a couch in this little apartment. Anton growls when he is mad too and it's so funny cause he laughs so much u can't take him serious. Also, he hates david!! lol. My mom already taught David how to drink and swallow but he is so sick. He has the snottiest nose ever and my mom wipes it constantly lol. Right now he is beign fed yogurt (his fave). They are the cutest babies ever and Anton never is bored until he sleeps. David gets mad if u can't feed him yogurt fast enough and says "ba ba ba ba". Anton also says "ba ba ba" but usually growls when he is mad lol. My dad didn't pack Davids clothes so he wears antons which are to big. Anton goes cross-eyed alot so my mom calls him cross-eyed cricket. My mom has gotten 4 hours of sleep. We are about to go to the U.S embacy and get Visas and we leave saturday (tomorrow morning at 5 am). Well David is crying now cause he ate all his yogurt and my mom is taking a picture of his cute crying snot face. They are very happy with us and I think they'll like it better with papa and danielle mamaw cousin elisha and briana and lollie and dale (uncle and aunt).


  1. Praying you all have a safe flight home.

  2. I loved your update Cody. You don't know me but my family prayed for Anton many many nights to find a family. We were SO happy when we heard he was chosen. We just recently adopted a little boy from Ukraine too. Looking forward to your "We are Home" update.