Sunday, October 3, 2010

We are HOME!!!!

Yes, we finally made it home. This week has been something like I have never experienced before. We literally got off of the plane in UA and hit the ground running, went straight to the train, hit the ground running again and literally....never....stopped. We were in UA for 6 days to finish the process and get the boys home. We ate 5 meals the entire time we were there, the rest was bananas, granola, etc. We did "paperwork" for 12 hours a day and I think all of us was sick at one time or another. There was no time for a party at the orphanage or anything, we again, literally just ran in and picked them up. The boys have done great. I actually can't believe how well they have done. After we picked them up, I had physical custody of them for about 10 minutes and got car sick and had to have the driver pull over 3 times and hurl my guts out (actually mostly dry heaves because there was absolutely nothing in my stomach to throw up). You would think that my puking on the side of the road would make my driver drive a little slower or better or something. Not so. So we were rushed to the train two hours away to make our way back to the capital to finish up. So, I had the kids for 2 hours and then got on a train for 15 hours with them....Not so smart and not so fun. I was so sick, Caden was sick, the train was hot (because God forbid we have some air movement going on in the dead of winter---it was 65 degrees and people were dressed like Eskimos) and we had two bananas, 6 McDonalds chicken nuggests and 2 fig newtons (remember that Caden doesn't eat/chew very well). I am not a crier, but by the end of the train ride, I was in tears. Anyway, we made it back and after a 12 hour paper chase, we got to go to our apartment, where I was so thankful and thought that we would get to rest and such. Well, the bed (the ONLY bed) had bugs in it and they bit Cody and Cole all over while Caden and I were on a food run, so all 4 of us slept on the couch and floor. Caden was too sick to sleep and had a fever, runny nose, diarrhea, shaking all over, banging his head, screaming at the top of his lungs. I swear I think he was withdrawing from some meds. I have been a nurse for a long time and I think that is what was happening. The only thing I had to give him was benedryl and Tylenol. It did nothing for him at all, but after day 2, he was much better. He still isn't eating very well, but he is drinking good with the Honey Bear cup. Cole is doing really well, except that he doesn't like Caden very much. He growls at him if he gets near him and lets him know who is in charge. We have had a couple of trips in time out over that.

Now the fun stuff, the trip home.....Cole had massive, massive, can't explain it in words diarrhea. He pooped so much that we ran out of diapers and the flight attendants had to give us some diapers. It was absolutely unbelievable and disgusting. Remember, I am a nurse and am extremely hard to gross out, but he did it without a doubt. Caden on the other hand was so severely constipated that he was straining constantly and grunting until I thought he was going to pass out. I had to take him to the bathroom on the plane and "help" him use the bathroom, and when he did, Lord have mercy!!!! This child has some serious GI issues. He has a dilated rectum from straining so much and poops like a grown man, a really, really, really, big grown man. He became a different child after our pooping incident. He was laughing and playing and so happy. They both took a 2 hour nap on the long flight and stayed awake the rest of the time. By the time they arrived at their welcome home party, they were both passed out. Cole woke up and entertained the crowd, but Caden slept through the party, through the night, until 9 am this morning. They are both just happy as can be and just walking around like this has been their house forever. (FYI>>>My mother fed Cole an entire hot dog with chili, a whole banana, and a piece of cake when we arrived and I will just let your imagination tell you what happened after that). I will try to update again soon.



  1. PRAISE GOD!!! Sounds like a doozy at the end (all that stuff coming out of both ends!) but glad you're home safe and sound :-) I hope you can rest and recover quickly

  2. Oh Stephanie, what a journey and "labor" you will never forget. We didn't have poop problems on the way home but rather he was in a sling next to me the whole day...nearly 29 hours and he CONSTANTLY had his hands in his mouth and his breath was HORRIBLE and I could not get away from it. I almost puked a few times from the smell. Every chance I got in an airport I would go scrub down his hands in a clean restroom and I even bought some Junior Mints to see if I could get him to eat one...haha. Didn't work. We are working on some GI issues with him too and going to get a stool sample to check for parasites and other nasties. So glad you are home!!! All the boys who were once tugging at my heart strings now are home with their families except I don't know about one little boy from a different country whose doors had closed.

  3. my 2 sons have both had the man poop issue. Miralax in the morning milk cup works great until they grow out of it. Bluberries seem to help my boys too for some reason. Haven't found too many other foods that help, but cheese and bananas make it much worse. Good luck!!

  4. What a trip! Can't wait for an update on how things are going at home.