Friday, January 20, 2012

Blizzard Land!!!

Our beautiful teeth!

Not extremely impressed with this whole "Momma" thing...

Epic fail....forgot to pack Sean's socks. He is quite proud of these bad boys!

Hello, Pappa...where have you been all of my life?

Lean on me.............

Proof of blizzard!

Even though Ukrainians would laugh us out of here, we experienced what we like to call a "blizzard" today. After our morning visit with Andrey, we decided to walk a little bit. We still haven't found a store or any place to eat since we got in region. I finally called Yulia and asked her to call a driver to take us to the pizza place and praise God we found it! We ate a pizza with salami, corn, and cheese; a fruit cup; and cokes and coffee. It was devine! The pizza place is probably only about 3/4-1 mile away, but it was snowing so bad, we literally lost the sidewalk and Sean fell down! We also found a mini-mart that pretty much has everything we need, including Coke light (not to be confused with Diet Coke). Sean searched and searched for aluminum foil, which was hilarious. I tried to tell him that they would not have it, but he kept searching. He is a little afraid of our oven:)


  1. Oh my! The picture of him hugging his Daddy is so sweet.

  2. YOU ARE MAKING ME COLD JUST SITTING HERE!! Love the picture of him smiling at Sean!!