Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Like the outfit!

The green building is under construction, so they put up this mess covering that has drawings of what a building would look like if it were finished....very funny!

Park at the top of the never ending steps with a crucifix that someone is praying at..

Our living room...

Our "entertainment center"

Our kitchen...

This is hilarious! The "iddy biddy" cup is Dale Hogeland's expresso, the middle cup is my "Americano caffe" and the big cup is Kate Hogeland's big coffee....


  1. You are getting so close!! Can't wait to see pictures of Cooper!

  2. Brings back memories..that was our apartment in Sept 2010, getting our lil man, Bryce Vanya. Safe travels.
    The Baumann family, a FLa RR family,