Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monday Visits and More

We showed up to visit Andrey Monday morning and he was so happy. He laughed and laughed and laughed. He laughed so hard his whole body was shaking. He was so excited to see us and we had a ball with him. He came out of the gate so strong and then he just completely tuckered out. He scoots over to me (which is a lot of work and done with great effort) and picks his little stick arms up in the air for me to pick him up. He is definitely a momma's boy. He looks pretty good in the pictures, but he is just skin and bones. He has absolutely no body fat whatsoever (expect maybe a little on his cheecks). His shoulders are so thin and frail that you have to be very careful picking him up. His stomach is still HUGE...very bloated and very, very distended. He has distention all the way through his abdomen, even to his sides. I fed him some rice, cheese, and butter yesterday and he LOVED it. I was trying to get a little bit of fat and protein in his body...preparing him to get the heck out of here. He is so much smarter than I gave him credit for. When someone opens the door to the play room, he stops what he is doing and watches them until they leave. He especially has his eye on the lady's with the big pots of food. I still haven't gotten one solitary drink of fluid in his body. He eats great, but won't drink a thing. I have only tried the honey bear cup. I think I will bring a regular cup today and see if he will let me give him a drink.

The computer assigned our judge yesterday...It was someone that our team does not know and has never dealt with. I am very nervous about that. Our facilitator is in region today and is hoping to see the judge and go through our paperwork with him and see if we can get a court date assigned. I am not so sure about this...I don't have a good feeling at all.

We had dinner with the Kimble's and their precious little Mila last night. I love that girl. I had actually approached Sean about adopting her before they committed to her and it was so neat to see her with her new mommy and daddy. Mila is sick and not eating/drinking well. I would appreciate any/all prayers and good thoughts for her. I hope she will make it home safely.

We didn't get to visit on Tuesday morning because the orphanage was having "inspection". Our facilitator called and told us that they did not want us to come to the room anymore, to just tell the secretary and someone would bring him to us. I suspect that is because two of the kids in Andrey's groupa went CRAZY yesterday when I went to pick him up. This one little girl, about 3 or 4 years old, climbed me like a tree and missed me and said "mama, mama, mama". She then promplty turned to the nannies and waived "paka paka" and took my hand and tried to leave with me, which was just fine by me, but not so much from the nannies. The whole room was chaos for a few minutes. I am probably not the nannies favorite person :)

Me and Andrey relaxing after we played so hard!

Attempting to get him into crawl position....he declined!

He really likes to snuggle


View from our window


  1. Gosh he is so cute! I love all the pictures!! I am worried about his belly too! I hope he doesn't have a blockage!! I will be praying for him and your family! Good luck with everything!!

  2. Oh, and don't publish this if you don't want, but please, PLEASE be careful about trying to bump up his calories. If he is as thin and frail as you say, then he is at risk of refeeding syndrome. I would have for him to get as sick as Theo did.

  3. Bahahaha climbed you like a tree, that's my girl lol.. and a pretty darn god impression... you're lucky she didn't chase after you lol. Andrey is usually given fluids through a normal cup, so hopefully that will work better! I love reading these posts, and hearing how attached to you he already is.. have you tried spinning him around when he crawls over to be picked up?

  4. I just found your blog again, and Andrey looks wonderful and so happy! I'm so glad he's taking to you and excited to see you when you visit. Praying for the rest of your trip to go well, especially court!

    Have you found the markets that are right by the orphanage? It looks so different with snow! Have Yulia ask for pictures and such. We didn't get Lucas' because I aske too late. (He was Aleksey(Losha)) and in Andrey's groupa. If you know how to talk to the worker you can tell hello for us and that Losha is doing well ;)

  5. Hi there :) I was reading your blog and when I read the part about your sweet boy not wanting to drink liquids, it reminded me of Quinton. The nannies told us that Quinton would not drink and they had to mix his liquids in with his food. When we got him out of the orphanage it was so scary because we had to give him juice with a medicine dropper and hope he didn't get dehydrated. He got really sick and we had to take him back to the orphanage dr. Then we saw why he was so reluctant to drink. They gave him some medicine and then washed it down by putting juice in a glass bottle with a huge hole in the nipple. He was choking! No wonder he didn't want anything to do with liquids. Anyways, we bought a bottle and cut the nipple just a little and got liquids in him at a rate that he could handle. Six months home, and liquids are still not his favorite, but he is hydrated. I hope you find something that works. Congratulations on your cutie!

  6. Sounds like it could be a bad case of constipation. Isaiah came home super constipated and his breath was nothing I had ever experienced....just totally awful. I googled why a toddlers breath would stink so bad and constipation could be a reason and his was....breath smelled just like poop. He sure is a cutey!