Monday, January 16, 2012

SDA appointment!

We are here and we are doing fine. We had our SDA appointment today. It was very informal. I even wore jeans! They only asked us two was to see our passports and the other was how we knew about Andrey, then we were done. Took about 5 minutes.

Last time we adopted, we were pretty much here on our own. We met one family (the Nalle's) for one evening, but this time with so many of us here, we are really getting a lot of support from one another. It is awesome! I am actually babysitting the Hogeland's little man right now while they are at their SDA appointment. I hope and pray that they find the other little one that they want to adopt!

We walked about 4-5 miles yesterday (in the snow) and up and down these never ending stairs (probably about 300 or so steps) and my legs are letting me know how out of shape I am in! A lot of RR families are meeting this evening at TGIF's and I hope to socialize and relax before our train ride tomorrow! So far, so good. Will try to post pics of our apartment and such later.


  1. Thanks for the update! So far so good... with all that's happened, I won't take a full breath 'till you've got that little man on US soil. Praying you home!!!

  2. So glad you get to meet other people besides those boring Nalles!! Make sure you keep off bank steps!! Love you!!