Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 12

Well, well, well...where to start???? We finally have interent access in our apartment....YAY!!!

I guess I will start of the happenings of Friday. We waited and waited on Olga (our facilitator) and Angelina (our translator) to come to Sevastapol. We walked around, went down to the board walk, went to a little flea market, etc. I was really needing a haircut and we passed by a salon and I thought what the heck, so we went it. They said they would cut my hair for 50 grivnas (around $6), so I went for it. I have to tell you, it was the most thorough hair cut I have ever gotten. I thought she would never get done. It is very, very short, but I like it and my hair grows so fast that it will need cut again by the time we get home.

So, anyway, Olga and Angelina call and say let's go. I thought we were just going to the notary to sign some papers. We have been out walking all day, we have on shorts and T-shirts, I just got a haircut and we were all nasty. To our surprise, we have an appointment with the head of the inspector's office, the orphanage director, the inspector and some other person (I forget). We are going to be interviewed by the Head of the Department to see if he will sign our application for a court date. So, here we go in, totally unprepared, look like crap, to talk to a middle age man that speaks no English to see if he will "allow" us to apply for a court date....GREEAATTT. He starts off and ask "why do you all want a child with so many problems?" I mean, how do you answer that..."we don't like easy ones". Seriously, I said that we felt like having these children would enrich our lives and that we have had experience with children and adults with DS and they were all such blessings and even though we know it will be hard work, we feel like the good will outweigh the bad and we will be better off having them. He then asked many, many times about what our families think about it. I told them that they were happy and supportive. He wanted to know how much money we made, what kind of resources would the children have access to and would they be "trainable" for any kind of jobs in America? That last question blew me away. I said that there were places available for people with developmental delays to work, but no specific ones, but that is was more for socialization than money earning potential....Awww, then the last question..."Will you profit from these children? Does your government pay you to have them?" Uhhh...that is a big negative. He looked very sternly for a few minutes, and at first, I thought he was not going to sign the paper. But then he said, "Good luck, and I wish more people were like you all and I hope everything goes well. Please send pictures and updates on the boys and let us know how they are doing." At just like that, it was over.

Now, for the court date. All of the paperwork is completed and we have officially applied for a court date. Olga has been fabulous. She has been talking to the judge way before we even got here trying to work on a court date. The judge goes on vacation for 60 days starting Sept. 1. Another judge will be handling cases while he is out, but NEVER international adoption cases. She has been working her way for several weeks into talking him into letting the other one handle it while he is gone. He said "yes" and so did the other judge, who is described as "good and laid back" by both Olga and Angelina. The new judge will start Sept. 1st and we should have a court date assigned that day. Hopefully it will be this week, but don't know anything for sure yet. FYI-I can't wait for you to be able to see a pic of the court house. It was scary. It looks like an abandoned building with grafitti(sp) and weeds all over it...nice.

Now, to the boys. I don't know if I mentioned the gash on Cole's eye last week, but anyway, he had a huge gash over his eye. Then Friday, he had a big, fat lip. Saturday, we pick him up, and his other eye is now black. So, he has two black eyes, a huge, busted lip and about 20 different scrapes and bruises on him. I have been calling him "Tyson" because he looks like a boxer. His balance is really, really bad and he is quite a danger to himself without careful supervision. He looks so pitiful. He has been so sweet our last visits. He loves to eat, no matter what it is. He sits and just waits for us to bring out the food.

Caden is a ham! He is coming to life before our very eyes. He is completely a different kid since we got here. For the first several days, he did nothing but lay there. No sounds, no emotions, no nothing. Now, he cracks up, he tries to sit up for long periods of time, he stands and dances. He plays with toys! He loves the keys and loves CARS. Little matchbox cars are his favorite thing so far. He laughs and laughs at them. Still having a lot of trouble with his drinking/swallowing. I ordered both boys a Honey Bear cup when I got home from the orphanage today. They are something else when it comes to fluids. Cole can't get enough and Caden chokes to death on one drop. I hope the cups work.

BTW, Cole says "Poppa" when he sees Sean and follows him around like a puppy dog. It is the only word that we have been able to understand so far. And....Caden cries for me when someone holds him. He has done it three times so far and instantly stops crying and starts laughing when I get him. So, I guess the first choices have been made...interesting, I thought it would be opposite.

Well, another trip to the "baby house" today and we will have Groundhog Day again in the big city of Sevastapol. We may change it up a little today and have Pepsi light instead of Coke light....he he he...


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  1. I can't wait to see pictures of everything you've mentioned! The people on the beach...the courthouse...the boys!! Praying for a quick and painless court date!!