Monday, August 16, 2010

We are off!!!!

I am sitting in my eerily quite house waiting to wake the kids up to get ready to leave for the airport. I have made at least 100 checklists in my mind and then rechecked. I am not usually like that. My philosophy is usually..."if I need it, I will stop at Walmart and get it when I get there." Well, seeing that the nearest Walmart is over 4500 miles away, that's going to be a small problem!

I can not decide whether to take the boys their stuff in case we happen to luck out and get a very quick court date and I decide to stay. That is a lot of gear to bring for a "just in case", but I think I am going to go ahead and bring it. What if I get over there and they just hand them to me and tell me and I can leave and all I have to travel with is two T-shirts????

Anyway, I am very nervous about the travel. I hate airplanes and am pretty sure that I will hate the train just as much. I have already taken some antivert, clarinex, scop-patch, and I have phenegran on standby! I may be too drunk to get on the plane.

I probably won't be able to post for several days. It takes at least a day to get where I am going and I don't know if we will have internet service or not. I will try to update daily. Please pray for safe travel and that everything goes smoothly!


  1. We are a week behind you - my e-mail is - Adopting Aaron - give us your phone number and e-mail and once we are in country we can then contact each other. When we were there last month - contacting the other RR families was a GOD-SEND!

  2. My email is I don't have a phone just yet...scary, huh? I am going to get one in country and I will be using skype. My skype name is stephanieandsean (last name Carmichael), look us up!

  3. Praying for you and that all goes smooth! Can't wait to see new pics of your boys.

  4. Praying for a safe flight and praying for you and the boys . Tell Lydiah hi for me please. Can't wait to go !!!!! Keep us updated please on how it's going .