Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 15

Sorry...no news to report. This is definitely a big, drawn out remake of Groundhog Day!!!! We do the same thing everyday, eat the same food, go to same place....boring. But we did manage to walk down to the Black Sea Beach and see people swimming. Oh My..is what I can muster up. The average age of the swimmers were about 75 and the average weight was about 250-300lbs....and the MEN and women both had on speedos. I took pictures. I could not resist. Sean's face was red and it was so funny that we could not stop watching.

I got sick yesterday, really, really, sick...I was planning on going back to the baby house at 3pm, but couldn't even hardly stand up, so I went back into the apartment and slept from 3pm-7am, without getting up. I still don't feel much better this morning.

The visits with the boys are getting better and better. Cole is very smart. He has finally started playing with the toys we bring. He loves to take stuff out and put it back into his Toy Story backpack. He doesn't quite understand the concept of coloring, but he is trying. His pincher grip is not quite as good as Caden's and he has a hard time holding the crayon. This boy loves to eat. I bring him a banana and yogurt every morning. I thought I would change it up a little and see if he liked eggs. I boiled him an egg, brought him some cheese, and a banana. He ate every bite of his and wanted Caden's too. Caden wasn't so impressed. He hated the cheese, tolerated the egg a little, but cried for more yogurt. He only has 4 teeth and doesn't really chew. He just swallows whatever you put in his mouth. I am still very concerned about his fluids. He doesn't drink well at all. I am literally squirting fluid in his mouth from a bottle (he won't suck at all) and getting what I can in him. I have ordered the Honey Bear cups (I think that is what they are called) but I am worried about his hydration. His mouth is so dry. He has never had a wet diaper while we have had him. He is so funny and tired!!!! He falls asleep during our visits almost every time (probably because he is dehydrated). Cole drinks about 12 ounces of fluid every time we see him. I am afraid to give him more because I don't want him to get in trouble for having a wet diaper! How sad is that.

Today is Wednesday, Sept. 1 and we are picking up our translator at the bus station at 930 to go to the court house to see if we can get a court date. Please, please, please pray that we get a quick and easy court date so that we can go home, see our other kids, and catch up on the world. I miss home so badly and my other children are acting out like little babies throwing a fit for their momma! They are in so much trouble when I get home, but after I hug their necks off. So, I will blog later and let everyone know if we have a court date or not. We must get some food today. I was sick and only ate a boiled egg and a banana yesterday and poor Sean just sat here with nothing to eat because I was in bed.

Anyone that has any comments on Caden's fluids, please feel free to leave them. Any tidbits of info would be appreciated and helpful.



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  2. Hallo Stephanie. My name is Karien and I'm following your journey from South Africa.I love to read the RR adoption blogs, so that's how I found yours. I have learned from the ds forum I'm on that some children with ds, often don't drink much. I have a friend who's son doesn't drink ANY fluids. He gets his in by yogurt and pured fruits. Some children aspirate when drinking thin liquids and theirs have to be thickened. You can also try to give him very cold fluids, that way he can feel where the liquids are in his mouth and it might it easier to swallow without aspirating. You can visit the site, if you still have questions. www.downsyn.com Hope you are feeling better soon. Your time there is an hour ahead of ours in SA. Blessings and I pray that God will give you favor with the judge and soften his heart so that you will have a court date very soon.

  3. No tidbits but if you come visit us here - we will take you to this restaurant and you can have pork! (Read our blog)... We are as SICK of the food issue as you guys are... I fantasize about food. I want ANYTHING but pork but that is what we are having for dinner tonight. Days just drag around here. drag and drag. We have 15 more visits until court! Wishing you guys were closer. We would love to get yelled at again for sitting on the stoop of a bank!

  4. Hey Stephanie,

    We are praying you have news of a court date quickly! Just wanted to suggest a place we visited while there,Chersoness, pronounced Hersoness, It is about a 15-20 min. drive from the orphanage. It has some awesome stuff, ruins from a 3rd and 4th century city. A museum of artifacts from that time,St. Vladimir's Cathedral, it was a very beautiful place in the spring. We went for the afternoon twice we liked it so much, and it helped break up "ground hog day" :). Hope you are feeling better soon!