Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 5

Day 5 started off about the same. We got up and went straight to the orphanage. We got Anton first, but they wouldn't let us have David. They said to come back at 9:30 after "yum, yum". He was still waiting his turn to eat and he was not happy. I did finally get to see another baby with DS there. Sorry guys (no Liam or Lydia yet, but our translator is going to ask for us). I saw Evan today and if anyone is considering him, please know that he is a doll! He has the brightest blue eyes that you will ever see. He was sitting and trying to feed himself. The older lady in David's groupa was not very happy at all about us being there and wasn't afraid to let us know, but I didn't care. I just stood right there and waited.

The caregivers in Anton's groupa today asked us to bring diapers to the orphanage. Funny that they are asking for diapers for my "completely potty trained" boy. HA! Anyway, Anton ran out and held his arms up for Sean to pick him up. He is really happy to see us. Poor thing has had on the same outfit, well, actually the same shorts on for three days. Today is the first day that we have seen him with a shirt on. He is pitifully filthy. They definitely need a good scrubbing! Anton was totally wild today. I fed him some fruit and animal crackers and brought him some grape juice. I tried a sippy cup with him and he can't really use it at all, even without the little flapper thing in it. So, I took off the lid and let him use it as a regular cup. He sounded like my English bulldog drinking that juice! It was pretty funny. We will definitely have to work on his drinking. They are both so thirsty.

I don't know if it was the sugar in the juice, or if it was just being a little hydrated, but Anton was like a wild man today. He would grab my face and squeal and run and run and run. You tell that the caregivers were not happy that we just let him run around. I finally went and held his hand and we walked around. He does really well walking while holding your hand, but if you let go, he goes nuts. He did find his way to a poor cat today and put a WWF move on it. Poor Troy (my dog) will have to hide from him for a while. He was much more verbal today and was chatting up a storm, but, of course, we had no idea what he was saying. He listens very well. I patted the bench and told him to sit and he climbed right up and did what I said. He is not quite understanding this new found freedom. I am trying to keep a good balance between letting him have some freedoms that he has never had and not making him want to do more than he is used to and get in trouble in his groupa. The kids in his groupa are soooo cute. That same little boy that cried for us yesterday did the same thing today, but not trying to fight his way to us. Just a real quiet pitiful cry staring at me saying "momma" over and over. It is heart breaking. I am kind of glad that I applied to adopt two or I would probably be bringing him home with me.

We finally got David after yum yum. The lady that hates me should try out for the NFL because she football tossed him to me when I came back to get him. I was kind of stunned and just turned and got the heck out of there with him. They had him dressed in a girl outfit about 3 sizes too big with little girl flowerdy sandals on. He is too funny. I brought him a vibrating teether and he loved that. He picked up on how to make it start and stop pretty quick. I fed him some fruit and juice, too. I tried a bottle and a sippy cup with him. No go~ so I took the lid off to see what he would do. He also drinks like a bulldog!

We didn't stay very long this morning, about 2 hours, and then had our driver take us back to the apartment. The driver had his son with him. He was about 3 or 4 years old. I gave him some cookies and he snatched them from me and kept holding on to the back of his daddy's seat. You would think the driver would be a little more careful with his kid in the car. That would be a wrong assumption. He drove faster today than ever before. The driver had on a seatbelt. The little boy stood in the back seat holding on to the head rest. I thought I was going to have a heart attack when he passed a bus about 70 mph and the bus was leaning on its side toward us. But we made it back (Thank God).

We decided that we would walk around and see the city a little today. We walked and walked and walked. We actually ended up walking all the way to the Black Sea, which is probably about 3 or 4 miles from our apartment. We ate lunch at McDonald's-yes, there is no place on Earth that does not have a Mickey D's. We tried to find a tranfer cable for my camera and diapers. No luck on either. I don't know where in the world people buy diapers and stuff. We probably went in 20 stores, but no luck. There are thousands of stores and people here. This is a "resort" town because of the beach. We went into a Columbia store and it was very nice. Lots of clothes and shoe stores, cell phone stores, and you can buy beer on every corner. Either bottled beer or fresh out of the keg right on the street.

For people coming to Crimea (Sevastapol), please carry your address to your apartment with you at all times. After walking this 3 or 4 mile trek, I was tired and thought we would get a taxi back. Well, I forgot our address paper and had no idea how to tell them where we lived. So, you know what you do???? You get to walk the 3 or 4 miles back!!! Sean was no impressed! Also, the hype about the high heels, etc., forget it! You need some good walking shoes. We have to walk everywhere we go, except for the orphanage, so be prepared. My shorts were hanging on me today. We have probably lost about 10 lbs. or so. Between the first couple of days with no food and all of the walking, you will loose weight! (not complaining)

Anyway, Angelina arranged for our driver to take us to get diapers in the morning before we go to the orphanage and we will see how that goes. I hate it that I can't download any pictures. I will keep looking for a transfer cord. Good night, all!



  1. Quite the adventure....can't wait go! Thanks for writing about your journey!

  2. The comments about the little boy are really he on Reece's Rainbow?

  3. Hey Stephanie,

    There is a big 2 story "Toy" store just past Mcdonald's going toward the direction of the park on the black sea. It is actually across the street from Mcd's and less than a block down. Downstairs one side is a toy store and the upstairs to the left is a children's clothing store, they have a big selection of diapers there, and the most reasonable prices too. You can also get diapers at any of the supermarkets, which are not in walking distance, but a driver can take you too.
    You are so right about all the walking!!! I used as an excuse to eat more chocolate!
    Our family prayed for you guys tonight!

  4. Thanks, Mary. We almost went in there but were exhausted by then. We will go check it out today! Thanks for the prayers and keep them coming.
    Alissa-I don't think so. I am going to try to find out some more about him. He "looks" perfectly "healthy" so he may not be available for us to adopt. I am going to ask if he can play with us today.

  5. Steph, this is such a cool blog. Luv how it reads like a journal. Hope you get to bring your babies home soon. Anxious to see pics

  6. Hi!

    I love hearing about your journey! We loved our time in Ukraine.

    I sure would like to see some pictures of little Evan if you can get them :) My husband has his eye on him ;)


  7. That is so sad that little boy calling out Momma, breaks my heart.