Monday, October 10, 2011

Day #10-How I ended up with my boys in the other room......

This may part of a series...

I have not birthed a child with DS. I have not had the news delivered to me while pregnant or shortly after birth that there was something "wrong" with my child. I have never once cried over the diagnosis of DS. Down syndrome means something different to me. I am not comparing my journey with DS to anyone that has had to deal with it in a different way.

For me, Down syndrome is a beautiful, wonderful thing filled with so much more than I can even describe. I LOVE DOWN SYNDROME! I know that sounds crazy, but it is absolutely true. Every patient with DS that I have ever cared for as a nurse has touched me so deeply and I have received nothing but pure joy from it. Sean's uncle Mac was a superstar. He was my first personal experience with DS and I wish he was here to see his legacy. He made me wish that I could birth a child with DS, but I could not and did I start thinking about adopting a baby with that little extra something. Enter Cole. I saw his little face with those chunky cheeks and almond eyes and it was DONE. I called Sean and told him of my desires and he laughed. I did not laugh. DEAD SILENCE. "Have you lost your mind?" "The kids are almost grown." "We are almost done." "He has Down syndrome." "Really?"....."Where is he?"...."How old is he?" "He is a REAL orphan." "Really?????"...."Where the h*ll is Ukr**ne?" "Have you lost your mind?".....(30 second-1 minute pause while he is looking at the picture that I text him of Cole)....."He sure is cute.".....(another pause)...."That's a big commitment."......(another pause-me still not breathing)...."Okay, let's go get him." I finally breath and say "Ok, will do". I will tell you next time how I introduced the idea of adopting TWO!

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