Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day #4-Cole Update

Let me tell you about Big Man Cole....he is the sweetest human on this Earth. He is the complete opposite of Caden (not that Caden is not sweet, but he is very different). It is really odd that they were raised in the same environment and yet, came out so differently. Cole likes to sit back and take things in, check it out really well, then decide if wants to participate or not. He has grown a ton, now wearing size 5T slim pants (wore a 2-3T last year), but is still quite skinny but very TALL. He is 90% on the height on the growth chart and 25% on the weight. He signs quite a bit....Mom, Dad, potty, hungry, thirsty, more, all done, please, but he has NEVER EVER asked for one single thing since he has been home. He would still literally sit in his room all day long and be perfectly happy if we let him. His favorite activity is jumping on his trampoline and eating. I don't know why he is so skinny because he can eat and he will eat anything and everything....except deviled eggs. He gagged and cried when I gave him one-lol. I worry more about Cole than any of my other kids because it would be easy for him to get lost in society. Caden demands attention and gets what he wants....Cole would literally lay and starve to death before letting you know he was hungry. He is a beautiful child, with olive skin and gorgeous chocolate brown eyes. He sucks his tongue to go to sleep and has never slept past 630 am since he has been home. It doesn't matter if you skip nap-time, keep him up until midnight, nothing....we are getting up at 630 am no matter what. He is "potty trained" or more time trained I guess you would say. He still wears a pull up, but it will usually last most of the day and he almost always wakes up dry, but he again, does not ask to go to the bathroom. You just say "Cole go potty" and he will go to the bathroom, pull down his pants, use the bathroom, pull his pants back up and go on about his business. Pretty cool, huh? He is healthy as a horse, has only been sick once since we got home and has a lot more endurance that little Caden man. He also has cute spikey hair!!!!


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