Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day #11-You Wanna What???

So, I had introduced my idea about adopting a child from Ukr**ne with Down syndrome to Sean and he had agreed. I was on top of the world. I could not wait to go get him. I literally stayed up 'til all hours of the night reading blogs of people that were either in the process of adopting or who had been there, done that. I then saw a couple of pictures of the other kids in the same orphanage with Cole. Two of them caught my eye....Caden (known as David back then) and Emory (who's family is there now getting him). I was really starting to seriously think about bringing two home. Why, of course, it was for their benefit. They would need someone to play with. Blah.Blah.Blah. I mulled it over for several weeks and then one night I decided to show Sean a blog about a family that was adopting THREE babies with DS (one with Leukemia-plus they had 3 kids at home already). I was just feeling him out, trying to study his reaction. "They are insane!" "They have really lost their minds!" "There is no way that you can take care of that many kids!" "How in the world are they going to afford it?"....(me-"adopting another one while you are there is only about $4000 more." "One is more than enough!" "Those are very brave or very crazy people!".......(me-"Well, you know it is really quite the deal if you adopt two.")...."Shut up! We ARE NOT adopting two!!!" (me-silent)....."Stephanie, I am serious....get it out of your head......we ARE NOT adopting two!!" (me-"Okay.") So we finished our dinner and I didn't mention it again that evening. The next day, though, I sent a picture of Caden to Sean's phone with the caption "Poor little fellow doesn't even have one dollar in his grant. Should we at least donate since you don't want him?".....No reply.......Sean gets home from work and is very quiet and just kind of mopes around. I am convinced that he is mad at me for my text. I ask him a couple of times what was wrong..."Nothing."......fast forward a couple of days. He comes into the bedroom and says "How do you get to that stupid website you are always looking at?" I show him. He goes down to the family room with the other computer. He comes back up a couple of HOURS later. He says..."Is all that stuff real?" (me-"I think so.") "Well, do you really think we could adopt more than one?" (me-"Yes, I do.") "Well, I think we should get Emory and Caden (David)." (me-"WHAT?? Are you crazy? We can't adopt three babies!!! Have you lost your mind?" "Well, let's get at least two and you choose which one." (me-"Grrreeeaaattt-so now I have to look at those two and PICK one!" To be continued...........

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