Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day #20...What a day, what a day......

On a happy note....I FINALLY received my guaranteed overnight letter SEVEN days later and our dossier is on it's way across the ocean! I committed to Andrey on August 17th and mailed the dossier on October 20th. Pretty good, huh?

You know yesterday was my birthday, right? Guess what I got? Something that Sean Carmichael said would never be purchased>>>>> a VAN! I have tried multiple times to buy a van and somehow Sean always talks me out of it. Well, today he did not...he actually traded his car in, too so both of us have different cars. I love this van. The doors automatically open, it has a DVD player in it, navigation system and leather!!! It is awesome! That shows how old I am that I am this excited about getting a mini-van.

Anyway, sad news tonight. Can't tell you anymore, but please pray that this situation can be resolved and that hearts and minds will know what the right thing to do is. Pray for discernment for me and my family, as well as others. Thank you.

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